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An act in your image

> French Champion of Magic 2019 <

Léa Kyle offers a custom costume change act.


Find modern, varied outfits, created by her.


Léa Kyle offers you a tailor-made and personalized act.

Indeed, it is possible to find your logo, brand identity on one or more of its costumes.


A unique act created especially for you.

Appearance of your products, costumes in your image, anything is possible!


Léa Kyle changes her costumes ten times.

Find visible changes in a fraction of a second!

Discover her gala act

pngegg (6).png


Mandrake d'or 

FU trophy penn and teller fool us


French champion of magic

1st prize General magic championship of France

Audience price championship of France


1st prize at the International Festival of Villebarou


The CW : Penn and teller : fool us (las vegas)

M6 : La france a un incroyable talent

Olympia TV : Les mandrakes d'or

C8 : TV Les mandrakes d'or

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